51% of Women Lack Financial Protection


If you became injured or lost your job tomorrow, would you have a financial safety net in place?

Well, a study released at the end of last year has revealed that 28% of women's greatest financial fear is not being able to support themselves or family financially, yet 51% have no form of protection should a financial crisis occur. That means no life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection.

Why Aren't These Women Covered?

The research by pension company Aegon also revealed that 46% of women believe it is their sole responsibility to ensure their family's income is enough should illness, redundancy or any other unexpected event occur. So, why aren't they taking out cover?

The study also found that 48% of women believe insurance is too expensive, 20% don't think it's a priority, whereas 19% think it's a waste of money. More than a third (36%) said they would rely on savings if something happened and they couldn't work for six months, however 16% said they didn't have any savings. Lastly, just 13% believed they had enough savings to support themselves for a year or more.

Furthermore, 35% said they would rely on a partner's income to manage financially, although 49% said they currently rely on two incomes to cover everyday expenses.

Let Us Help to Protect You

It may not be pleasant to think about the worst situation, but the correct financial insurance will protect yourself, your income and any employees you may have.

If you think insurance is too expensive or is a waste of money, let us take this opportunity to change your mind. Here at Business Compare, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience which we utilise to help find some of the best deals from the commercial insurance industry.

We have access to a huge array of insurers and will help retrieve quotes that are tailored to your specific needs for you to compare and take out cover as easily as possible. Simply browse our site today to learn more about a specific type of policy or get in touch to speak to one of our trained advisors.

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