The Basics of Pub Insurance: Your Questions Answered


When alcohol is involved, the chances of accidental damage or harm increase significantly, therefore it is essential for pub landlords to have adequate insurance.

Who Needs Pub Insurance?

Pub insurance can benefit any kind of licensed venue, therefore pubs, bars, nightclubs, event venues and any other kind of late night establishment may apply.

Does a Pub Need Business Interruption Insurance?

Definitely. If the pub has to close for any reason, this could have a huge effect on profits which could seriously harm the business.

Imagine if there is a fire in the kitchen, you wouldn't be able to serve food for a set period of time (which often has the highest mark-ups) and you may have to close the entire pub while repairs are undertaken. Business interruption insurance covers this loss of income and will help fund the work needed so you can resume trading as normal as soon as possible.

Who is Responsible for Insurance if the Pub is Tenanted?

When a pub is owned freehold, the owner is responsible for public liability, employers' liability, contents, building and stock insurance as the sole person in charge. However, if a property is leasehold or tenanted, things become a little less straight forward.

Always consult any paperwork you have and check if insurance was mentioned in your contract as the state of ownership detailed here may dictate your actions.

Generally, you can expect the landlord to provide buildings cover and the tenant would be tasked with ensuring the appropriate cover for everything else. Despite this, many leasehold contracts require tenants to make a contribution towards the building's insurance.

Should Stock be Insured?

There are no legal requirements for the insurance of stock, however it is recommended to protect business profits. In some cases, tenants may even have this written into their contract with the owner.

As some alcohol is considerably valuable (an average bottle of whiskey is around £40 alone), a simple accident where a case is smashed or if the pub is targeted by thieves could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Stock insurance will cover the pub and provide compensation should this happen; however, you may also decide to cover goods in transit.

Goods in transit insurance will cover any stock or company owned vehicles when making deliveries to or from the pub. Therefore, if a crash, accident or theft occurs away from the pub, stock is still covered. Depending on the policy taken out and location, you may also be covered for stock left in a vehicle overnight.

Compare Pub Insurance Cover Online Now

Learn more about pub insurance and build a policy that is specifically tailored for your business by visiting our pub insurance page. Whether you require liability and buildings cover or protection should you lose your liquor license, we have insurance for you. Compare quotes online today!

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