What Questions Should You Ask Before Taking Out Landlord Insurance?


Before signing your name on the dotted line and taking out a landlord insurance policy, it is important to fully understand the intricacies of your potential cover. After all, every policy is different and cover will vary from one provider to another.

What will and won't you be protected for? How long will you be insured? The list of questions can go on...

So, here are a number of elements you should check for before taking out a policy:

What Are You Covered for?

Knowing what you can make a claim for is essential and will inform you on whether you need to take out additional cover or not. Once you have received a quote, check you are insured if:

  • Anyone is injured at the property
  • Tenants accidentally damage something
  • There is a water leak, fire or storm damage
  • A window is broken
  • Your property has a flat roof
  • There are fences, walls or outbuildings at the perimeter of your property

What Are the Details of the Policy?

Most of these will be outlined clearly, however you may like to check the following in the fine print:

  • How long will the policy last?
  • Can you cancel the policy and, if so, how?
  • Is anything excluded?
  • Do you need to inform the insurer of any crimes in your past?
  • Will anything make the policy voidable?
  • What should you do if circumstances change?

How Do You Make a Claim?

Having clear directions on what to do should you make a claim is essential, but you may also want to know:

  • The level of cover
  • The level of excess
  • What documents will be required
  • Time limits or frequency caps on claims

Will Tenants Influence the Policy?

Some lenders may see some tenants as higher risk than others, therefore your policy quotes may be slightly higher than should you rent to a 'low risk' tenant.

You may also want to check that there are no particular types of tenants excluded from the policy, if you have legal cover if you get into a dispute with a tenant, or whether you need to inform your insurer if a tenant has any previous convictions.

Lastly, you may wish to verify if you need to provide temporary accommodation for tenants for any reason, will your insurance cover these costs?

Need Help Finding Landlord Insurance?

Here at Business Compare we believe that finding the right cover is essential. That is why, whether you own one or multiple residential, commercial or unoccupied properties we can help provide you with competitive landlord insurance quotes.

If you have questions about landlord insurance, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team on 0333 202 6240 or read a few more of our informative blog posts:

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