Insurance for Hairdressers: What Cover Do You Need?


Whether you're brilliant at balayage, can primp the perfect perm, or you're a dab hand at a number two all over, if you're offering hair and/or beauty services you should ensure you have to the correct insurance cover in place.

What Type of Cover Does a Hairdresser Need?

Public Liability Insurance

With chemicals, scissors and shears used every day, a skin reaction or accidental injury is likely. Of course, there is also the likelihood that a customer could hurt themselves by simply tripping on your premises. Either way, public liability insurance will protect you and your business should customers hurt themselves, fall ill or have their property damaged and you are found to be at fault.

Employers Liability Insurance

All business owners who employ staff or contractors are required to take out employers' liability insurance by law. This cover is necessary should an employee fall ill or get injured as a result of working for you. Employers liability insurance will pay out and ensure your employee receives the compensation they deserve, without crippling your business cashflow or savings.

Tools and Machine Cover

From hairdryers to straighteners, payment systems to hood heaters, many of a modern hairdresser's tools are now electronic. Much of this pricey apparatus is used multiple times a day and is prone to overheating, but looks can't be mastered without them. The correct cover will ensure their speedy replacement and minimal disruption to your organisation.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

If you run your own salon, buildings and contents insurance will come in handy should your premises be burgled or damaged in any way. For example, if there is a flood which results in the flooring and skirting needing replacing, or you have a break in and the television on your wall is stolen.

This insurance will not only protect your fixtures and fittings, but any employees' personal belongings whilst they are on your premises also.

Compare Hair and Beauty Insurance Quotes

Are you opening a new salon and need cover? Or, perhaps you're coming to the end of a policy? Well, ensure you're getting a competitive deal on hair and beauty insurance by comparing unmissable deals online.

We tailor insurance specifically to your needs, so you can decide on the level of cover and if any elements can be excluded to bring down the cost of your policy. Plus, with trained staff on hand, we're happy to assist you with all your business insurance queries.

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