How Eye Tests Have a Huge Influence on Your Insurance


Eyesight tests may not be on the top of your to-do list, but if you run a business that involves company vehicles then they should be.

What Checks Are You Required to Make?

Ensuring all drivers are given eye tests and keeping the results on file is essential.

There are two European directives that became UK law in 2013 which form a standard for the workplace. These require a simple check that drivers can read a registration plate from 20 metres away. If failed, the driver must go for a full eyesight test. If the driver already wears glasses or contact lenses, these should be worn during the test.

The second check is for visual acuity. This is done by reading letters from a wall chart - glasses or contact lenses should be worn if required.

These directives require drivers to take an eye test every five years. However, if a business is taking out business insurance which covers HGVs, buses or other large vehicles then a higher level test will be required.

It is also recommended that if an employee is promoted from driving a company car to a trade van or larger vehicle that they have their eyes retested.

There is no legal obligation for employers to provide appropriate eye tests for other employees, however it is encouraged that those who use visual display units or display screen equipment request one.

Why Are Eye Tests Important for Your Business?

Employers are liable under health and safety laws should they allow someone who fails an eyesight test to drive a company vehicle.

If company-wide eye testing does not match the requirements of the policy, or you fail to ensure the tests are done at all, you may be seen as breaching your duty of care and the cover could become void. So, what may seem as a small risk, could result in a majorly pricey issue for your company.

Even more seriously, the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 states:

'an organisation will be guilty of the new offence if the way in which its activities are managed or organised causes a death and amounts to a gross breach of duty of care to the deceased'

Consider this When Applying for Motor Insurance

Here at Business Compare, our dedicated team use their wealth of knowledge and experience to find competitive commercial insurance deals for our customers. Motor insurance for numerous sized vehicles and purposes is a large part of what we do.

Whether you're looking to insure a handful of small vans or a large commercial fleet, eye sight will likely be mentioned as part of the policy cover.

If you would like to compare business insurance quotes and require guidance on the fine details in a business insurance policy, compare quotes online with us today or get in touch on 0800 470 4648.

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