Claims Process Easier Than Many Think Says Study


Whether you've been the victim of crime or the extreme great British weather has been harsh on you, then you may be dreading a timely, convoluted process to make an insurance claim and recoup your costs. Who wouldn't? However, you may be surprised to hear making a claim is actually easier than you may think.

Insurance Industry Bad Reputation a Thing of the Past

In a recent study commissioned by and conducted by Online Opinions, it was revealed that the insurance claims process has an undeserved bad reputation.

The online survey of 1,000 people in England, Wales and Scotland has found that:

  • 59% of people thought making a claim would be time-consuming, complicated and they were daunted by the process. This rose to 76% for respondents aged 16 to 29.
  • However, 71% of those who had made a claim before said their experience was good or very good. 50% also said they trusted that insurers would pay out.
  • Despite this, 38% said they thought insurance companies could do more to make the claims process easier.
  • 70% also said that the claims experience was important when purchasing a policy.

Despite these figures depicting a better-than-expected result for the quality of the claims process, more can always be done to improve further. Claims Rated founder James Clarke believes that although price is a main factor when taking out an insurance policy, the quality of the service provided is also a key reason in people's decision-making journey. He said:

"According to our research, a quarter of British consumers find choosing a general insurance product either complicated or very complicated. It is well researched and also shown by our survey that price is a dominant factor for consumers when buying an insurance policy.

However, any policy is only ever as good as the quality of the service you receive when you need to call on the cover provided."

How Business Compare is Changing the Industry

Here at Business Compare we share our wealth of knowledge and experience within the insurance industry with our clients to help you make an informed decision. Whether you're looking for landlord insurance or public liability cover, a tradesman policy or to protect your office, we can help you to gather business insurance quotes that are both affordable and tailored to your specific needs.

We aim to make finding commercial insurance quick and easy. Give us a call on 0333 202 6240 to see how we can help you.

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