Protect Yourself Against These Common Restaurant Insurance Claims


With fire, alcohol and food involved, owning a restaurant is a surprisingly risky business. However, choosing the right insurance will protect you from the common and costly issues that may occur.

Here we list some of the most common reasons restaurant owners make claims:

Fire Damage

With multiple overs, grills and hobs, as well as the possibility of candles as decoration, fire is a real hazard in a restaurant.

Many people choose to invest in an automatic fire extinguishing protection system and implement security systems such as ensuring fuel is shut off to protect their premises. Furthermore, you may choose to take out restaurant insurance to cover the costs of damage as a result of fire.

Food Poisoning

Whether it's because of a failing freezer or poor quality control, food poisoning is an all too familiar risk. If a customer claims to have food poisoning they may not only publicly trash your establishment to anyone who will listen, but they may also seek monetary compensation.

The correct liability insurance will ensure you can compensate this individual without major disruption to your business, as well as cover for loss of income, cleaning costs and for the replacement of contaminated food.

Stock Theft

A restaurant is a cash and stock heavy business, so it is an ideal target for thieves. Especially if you serve up expensive alcohol or fine foods such as saffron, truffles or wagyu steak.

The right insurance will cover your cash, stock and any decorative items from theft even if they are being transported when they are stolen.

Loss of Liquor License

Although it is possible to run a restaurant without alcohol or to ask customers to bring their own booze, this may not be the most profitable option for a business owner. However, this may be the result if you get caught serving minors, overserve customers or your restaurant is seen as a venue of regular disorderly conduct.

Restaurant insurance will protect your business should you lose your liquor license for any reason, covering the costs of any legal fees that occur and the loss of income that you suffer as a result.

Tailor a Restaurant Insurance Policy to Meet Your Needs

Whether you require restaurant buildings cover or business interruption insurance, protection for the loss of a liquor license or legal expenses, we can help. We provide a fast, simple and assured way to get you covered. Compare restaurant insurance quotes online now.

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