The 5 Most Common Construction Injury Claims


Here at Business Compare, our experts have previously blogged about the 5 most common claims made by tradespeople, but what about those claims made specifically by those who work on construction sites?

Health and Safety in the Construction Sector: Injury Statistics

According to the Health and Safety in Construction Sector in Great Britain 2014/2015 report recently released by HSE, around 3% of workers sustain work-related injuries in the construction sector each year. This equates to 65,000 self-reported non-fatal workplace injuries.

The main kinds of injuries reported are:

  • Slips, trips and falls - 23%
  • Lifting and handling - 22%
  • Falls from height - 19%
  • Struck by object - 11%
  • The study also reveals that 1.7million working days are lost each year: 1.2million due to work-related ill health and 0.5million for workplace injury. 47,000 of injury cases in 201//2015 resulted in up to 7 days off work and 17,000 more than 7 days off work.

    Protecting Your Workforce and Minimising Risk

    Around 6% of the UK workforce belong to the construction sector (according to RIDDOR this looks at the construction of buildings, civil engineering and specialised construction activities) and the incidence rate in this sector is considerably higher than with many other industries.

    All employers have a responsibility to look after their staff and to provide a reasonably safe working environment. If not, a business can be held liable. Employer's liability insurance is a legal requirement in the UK for any company that has employees and can protect both employer and employee should an accident occur.

    How else can you protect your staff on your construction site?

    Make Safety Clothing a Requirement - All staff and visitors on site should wear the appropriate safety clothing where necessary. Hard hats, steel-toe-capped boots, safety goggles and high-vis vests are all standard issue on construction sites.

    Catch Falling Objects - As being struck by a falling object is one of the most common workplace injuries found on construction sites, it is especially important to put protection in place. Toe-boards on scaffolding, brick-guards and netting can all prevent injury. Covered walkways around the perimeter of a site near a public pavement may also be sensible.

    Clearly Mark Hazards - Whether it's a sign-posted site entrance or exit, or barrier surrounding open manholes or excavations, slips, trips and falls (as well as those from height) can be prevented if hazards are clearly marked and covers are put in place.

    The above options are just a few of the numerous ways to protect your workforce and minimise risk. If you would like to learn more about insurance for trade or construction businesses, discover more information here

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