5 Reasons Why You Need Office Insurance


Here at Business Compare, we help dozens of companies search a vast range of insurers to find a competitive and tailored office insurance deal that works for them. But why should you take out an office insurance policy? Here are just 5 reasons:

To Protect Your Computers and Other Contents from... Damage

In today's modern, working office the vast majority of work is now done digitally. This means that there is a heavy reliance on computers and their complementary technology, such as printers and scanners. With these machines being so important to business processes it could be catastrophic if one or more became damaged. In fact, it may require you to pause operating.

It may take time to repair or replace damaged computers or other contents, but a great office policy will have computer breakdown and contents cover included to help support you financially for any business interruption you suffer.

To Protect Your Computers and Other Contents from... Theft

The same contents section of your office insurance policy will help you to minimise disruption and replace computers or other contents should it get stolen. This will allow you to continue trading while the police investigate your case and try to catch the culprit.

To Keep Your Employees Safe

If you employ staff, then you're legally obliged to have employer's liability insurance to protect them. This can be built-in to your tailor-made office cover, to ensure your staff are protected should they become ill or suffer an injury.

This insurance also covers you, the employer, so that if a staff member takes you to court and wins they will receive their compensation and your cashflow will not be seriously affected.

To Ensure the Safety of Visitors

If you have clients or customers visiting your office for meetings, public liability insurance is an essential part of your office policy. This insurance is utilised should a visitor sustain an injury while at your business premises - whether a slip, trip, or something more serious.

Like employer's liability insurance, this will protect both you and the visitor.

To Cover Your Office Building

Buildings insurance is a key part of any office cover policy. Should there be a fire, flood or even if a car crashes into your building, this insurance will ensure you can cover the cost to repair or rebuild your business premises.

Although much office work can be completed remotely these days, and therefore disruption costs are minimalised, it can be extremely costly to make essential building repairs. This insurance will cover these costs and ensure your business continues trading with as little disruption as possible.

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