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Why Cancelling Difficulties Shouldn't Cause You to Auto-Renew

22 September 2017

It's now easier than ever to find a great deal on business insurance, but getting out isn't always as straight-forward. Read more here.

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Up to 80% of UK Commercial Properties Could be Underinsured

15 September 2017

A warning to businesses about a rising trend among SMEs has been released, claiming up to 80% of commercial properties in the UK are underinsured.

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Insurance Identity Fraud Scams Are on the Rise in the UK

08 September 2017

According to Cifas, there were a record number of insurance identity fraud cases in the first six months of the year. Read about the findings here.

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2016/2017 HSE Statistical Release Shows Importance of Insurance

01 September 2017

The HSE has published its provisional statistics for work-related fatal accidents between 1st April 2016 and 1st March 2017. Read the findings.

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Do You Need Employer's Liability Insurance When Hiring Family?

25 August 2017

If you're a business owner and your only staff are members of your family, then you technically don't need cover. Find out why in our latest post.

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Study Finds Just 40% of New Companies Have Insurance

18 August 2017

A new study by AXA insurance has found that just 4 in 10 businesses set up in the last three years have any type of cover. Find out why here.

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Can an Insurance Provider Stall a Payment?

11 August 2017

It's been reported that Kanye West's insurer is stalling payment - could this happen to you? We discuss the reasons this may happen, here.

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5 Simple Mistakes That Could Invalidate Your Insurance Claim

04 August 2017

It's not uncommon for a claim to be denied because the policy holder has breached the terms of contract. Read how this may happen here

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What Insurance Do You Need if you're Self-Employed?

28 July 2017

If you're self-employed, it is essential to ensure you have the correct cover to make sure you're protected should the least expected happen

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51% of Women Lack Financial Protection

21 July 2017

If you became injured or lost your job tomorrow, would you have a financial safety net in place? Most wouldn't, but could with insurance.

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2,400 Fraudulent Insurance Claims Worth £25m Were Thwarted Every Week in 2016

07 July 2017

The ABI detected 125,000 dishonest insurance claims in 2016, but what does that mean for you? Read all about it here.

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What is Shop Insurance? The Basics Explained

30 June 2017

From theft to fire, employee injury to stock damage in transit, the correct shop insurance will ensure you're protected for all eventualities.

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What Questions Should You Ask Before Taking Out Landlord Insurance?

23 June 2017

Before taking out landlord insurance, it is important to fully understand the intricacies of your potential cover. Here's what to look out for.

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From Festivals to Fayres: How to Avoid Claims from Summer Events

16 June 2017

From music festivals to village fayres, it's time to make the most of the weather. Take note of these points to avoid any unwanted insurance claims.

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What the Rise in Insurance Tax Means for You

09 June 2017

On June 1st 2017 the rate of insurance premium tax (IPT) went up from 10% to 12%. What does this mean for you and how can you keep costs down?

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Insurance for Hairdressers: What Cover Do You Need?

02 June 2017

Whether you work in a salon or mobile, do cuts or colour, the correct hairdressers insurance will keep your company covered. Find out more here.

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Understanding Landlord Insurance: Additional Cover for Properties

26 May 2017

What is and isn't covered by specialist landlord insurance? Discover some of the common 'add-ons' and how to customise your policy here.

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Is Global Warming Driving Up Insurance Policy Prices?

19 May 2017

A new report claims that climate change could soon be having a huge influence on insurance premiums. Find out what this means here.

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Covering the Costs of Product Recalls

12 May 2017

Product recalls can be pricey and cripple a business in some cases, so how do you cover the costs? Learn about product liability insurance here.

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New Rules on Insurance Transparency Encourage Price Comparisons

05 May 2017

On April 1st 2017, new rules came into place to ensure greater transparency when it is time for insurance policies to be renewed. Learn more here.

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